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Addiction to Opana can be devastating. This highly potent narcotic is the brand name of conventional oxymorphone. The substance is usually used for purposes of alleviating mild and severe ache. Problems arise when users seek to take this compound in ways in which it has not been prescribed by a physician. There is also a particular group of people who may consume Opana for legitimate reasons and still develop symptoms of dependency. This is particularly a risk for users who have low levels of tolerance.

Before commencing use of any medication, it is always advisable to seek further advice from your physician on the most likely conditions that may result in dependency, and then take appropriate measures to prevent this from happening.

Inappropriate use of narcotic painkillers may produce serious toxic side effects, and some of these can be severe enough to result in death. To prevent any possibility of experiencing side effects, take these substances according to a physician’s instructions.

Opana Abuse

Parents also need to be on the lookout for tell-tale symptoms that could be warning signs that your teen is abusing this substance. Though they may try to conceal substance abuse, excess physical as well as psychological substance craving could act as clear indicators that the adolescent is abusing and developing an addition to these substances.

Abusers of this medication may become exaggeratedly sick, as well as show various symptoms such as constant aches or even hallucinations. Still other symptoms are regular yawning, muscle spasms, constant twitches, vomiting and even sporadic insomnia. If you feel that someone using this drug has lost control over how they take Opana, it is important to seek assistance 800-303-2482 from professionals who are dedicated to helping addicted users overcome substance abuse.

Continued use of Opana can result in grave consequences, as the body develops increasing tolerance to the drug. Indicators of substance misuse are behaviors such as preoccupation with obtaining a supply or consuming more of the drug; an escalating craving for the drug that seems to be out of control. All is not lost for those who are addicted, however. Many safe, considerably rapid therapeutic interventions exist for Opana addiction.

Many consider addiction to be a crippling disorder with regard to health, psychological factors, career and relationships. The first step towards detoxification is a patient screening; the patients are taken through a string of tests to assess the level of damage which this medication has caused to internal organs. Once this is done, an appropriate therapeutic intervention can be recommended. Treatment for dependency is usually offered in rehab centers where a user can choose to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on the intensity of their addiction and their overall condition.

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