Opana Abuse Side Effects

Because Opana is a medication that is commonly available by prescription, its abuse may sometimes be difficult to detect. Opana is commonly referred to as a ‘rich man’s opiate’. The psychological and physical dependency that develops in long-term users of this substance can lead to very grave consequences.

Detoxification from Opana abuse is considered to be comparatively simple compared with other harmful substances. However, the average time it takes a user to overcome dependency on Opana is influenced by several other factors, such as an individual’s tolerance levels and the duration of time they have been abusing the drug.

On average, someone who has developed a dependency can expect to experience healing within a relatively short span of one to two weeks. The best rates of success may be obtained in a 4-7 day detoxification program, followed by counseling that aims to help the abuser recognize triggers for substance abuse. The key to success here is to treat the person as a whole, by including spiritual, psychological and physical dynamics in treatment.

Opana Abuse Side Effects

Despite its once obscure status in the area of opiates, this compound is now steadily gaining popularity due its relative affordability and availability. A wide range of people of all age groups use Opana, from the relatively young to the aged. If Opana is abused together with certain other prescription medications, very severe reactions may result, particularly in users whose tolerance is weak.

In terms of its use in the elderly, this compound may result in many detrimental side effects, especially for extensive opioid abusers. Opana abuse can produce symptoms such as vertigo or even general disorientation. This compound should never be used by those who are allergic to any of its ingredients, or who show reactive tendencies to morphine-configured compounds such as codeine or morphine.

Other conditions which contribute to risk when using Opana are pregnancy, liver dysfunctions, sodium oxybate administration or diarrhea bouts. Users suffering from any of these conditions are advised not to use this medication. Any user who develops any of these conditions while using Opana should seek help 800-303-2482 from a physician as early as possible.

Before someone makes the decision to use this compound it is always advisable to consult a physician to ensure they do not have any medical condition that could have a bearing on results. Anyone with a history of lung or breathing difficulties should consider other, safer options. Those whose health is poor or who are suffering shock could also be at risk of developing detrimental side effects.

Anyone using medicines such as anticholinergic, antagonist analgesics or even phenothiazine’s should consult a physician before using Opana. Opana substance is mostly taken in tablet form, but users are advised never to chew it during consumption because this increases the rate of absorption of the drug, and rapid absorption can be dangerous.

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