What Is Opana?

Opana is also known within medical circles as ‘Oxymorphone’ and is a potent, partially synthetic opioid receptive analgesic compound that was initially discovered in a German laboratory. The substance is a typical hydrochloride salt, usually administered within its common context through injection or by suppository. When administered as suppository, dosages range from 1 to 5 mgs.

Endo is currently considered the biggest distributor of this substance and is at present in the business of marketing this substance in the US and in other high-demand regions such as Europe. It is usually sold in two varieties which are either pure Opana or Opana ER.

Oxymorphone is used in particular for relieving mild to severe pain and is sometimes used preoperatively to alleviate apprehension, to sustain general anesthesia or even as a typical obstetric. It may also be utilized to alleviate discomfort in patients having dyspnea ailments usually related to ventricular failure as well as pulmonary oedema.

What Is Opana?

In addition, Opana virtual-release tablets can be used for general treatment of chronic ailments related to various etiologies. These substances are particularly indicated for use with standard strong opiods for quite extensive durations. The nominal release Opana pills are particularly used for breakthrough relief of aches of major muscle parts. Scientists are presently working on development of a spray version of this substance though its official release date still remains uncertain.

Oxymorphone is also particularly useful in veterinary medication for the same purposes as in humans. Induction for maintenance of anesthesia or even tranquilization of small animals is considered the most popular use. Other related analgesics can as well be used in combination with this substance, including morphine, levorphanol or hydro morphine. Research also indicates that this compound may be used as a remedy for mild refractory depressive mood.

This substance possesses quite unique physical characteristics that are helpful to keep in mind in case someone you know is abusing the substance. These will help you to identify what substance they may be using. At room temperature, Opana takes the form of odorless pale white powder crystals, but this substance can darken significantly when exposed to sunlight. However, this exposure does not have an impact on the drug’s potency. A single gram of oxymorphone compound is considered soluble in around 4ml of pure water, but it is even more soluble in other liquids such as ether and alcohol. The typical commercially available variety of this substance is offered with a pH value of around 2.7 to 4.5.

Never administer this substance to any third person even if they are exhibiting symptoms that are more or less similar to those for which you are taking the medication. Remember that only a qualified physician has the authority to determine the dosage that should be given to a patient.

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